Medica treats 11-year-old girl with unique innovative rotational angiogram

The rare technology has been used in Medica Superspecialty Hospital for the first time to treat congenital structural heart disease

Medica Superspecialty Hospital recently performed a keyhole procedure in the cath lab and treated an orphaned eleven-year-old girl suffering from complex congenital heart disease without any open-heart cardiac surgery. The girl underwent an interesting cardiac catheter intervention (micro keyhole procedure) at Medica Superspecialty Hospital, Kolkata. The team put in combined efforts under the leadership of Dr Anil Kumar Singhi, Paediatric Cardiology. The use of a rotational angiogram is an advanced technique to do structural intervention in selected cases. The technology is available at Medica’s GE lab and for the first time, it was used for structural heart intervention.


Dr Anil Kumar Singhi, who performed the procedure, stated, “It was a challenge even for an experienced doctor to close an artificial connection who did not conduct the earlier surgeries. The abnormal connection between the artificial tube of impure blood (between lung artery and vena cava) and the right atrium is never in a fixed position and cannot be seen well by routine echocardiographic cardiac imaging. The rotation angiogram is a rare technique that profiles the connection through 180-degree imaging while helping to detect the radio-contrast agent injected in the vein so that the exact position of the abnormal connection can be readily localised. Once her parameters were found optimum for closure in the balloon occlusion test, the connection was closed with a newer device with complete occlusion and her saturation increasing to 97 per cent on the table. The child has been discharged the next day itself and her smiling happy face brings a lot of joy to us at the congenital and structural heart disease wing. We wish her a long and healthy life ahead.”

Dr Alok Roy, Chair FICCI Health Services Committee and Chairman Medica Group of Hospitals, averred, “I congratulate Dr Anil Kumar Singhi along with the entire cath lab team who went beyond the normal and performed this sensitive case taking utmost care of the child who has suffered immensely in her life already. We are glad, we could perform this rare treatment and going forward we hope we are determined to offer the best solutions through the development of our congenital and structural heart disease wing.”

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