MEDIKABAZAAR join hands with India Health Link 

To extend the nationwide distribution network for the availability of its proprietary and award-winning HPod for Corporates & Doctors’ Clinics, thereby strengthening India’s PHYGITAL Wellness Ecosystem 

MEDIKABAZAAR has joined hands with India Health Link (IHL), a PHYGITAL health and medical device start-up, which has come up with first-of-its-kind human-centric preventive healthcare programme that aims to bridge the primary healthcare gaps in India. 

India Health Link (IHL) has introduced a first-of-its-kind connected ‘user centric’ and award-winning Health Pod – non-invasive digitally integrated self-service, walk-in health Kiosk. Individuals can get their screening done for more than (20+) non-invasive vital health parameters including BP, ECG, SpO2, BMI, BMC, Pulse, Temperature and BP within five minutes followed by an instant report without any paramedic assistance. The HPod is HIPPA compliant and certified by FDA, CE, and Neumetric. 

India Health Link (IHL), being a human-centric platform, wishes to reach out to every Indian patient through corporate and doctors’ clinics and make its Health Pod available to ensure continuous wellness via preventive screening. The collaboration with Medikabazaar will help the maximum number of patients deprived of the accessibility to primary and preventive care.

Vivek Tiwari, Founder & CEO, Medikabazaar said, “Our collaboration with India Health Link will catalyse our mission to ensure that everyone has access to innovative and quality health treatment driving Accessibility, Availability, Affordability and Awareness. The HPOD developed by IHL is quite promising as it is portable, needs zero paramedic assistance, and its report predicts and suggests medical consultation. It will also complement occupational health because of its supporting features. Summarily, its preventive care features are essential to complement corporate wellness. The compromised workplace wellness is due to the lack of preventive care, which the IHLs HPOD is ideally positioned to fill, and Medikabazaar will be there to maintain its supply chain and extend the nationwide network for its availability.”

Dr Satyender Goel, Founder & CEO, India Health Link, said, “This collaboration will be instrumental in enabling small clinics with one-of-a-kind self-screening Health Pod and IHL Care platform. Our goal is to have every 22+ Indian screened for basic vitals, promote preventive care culture, and reduce the NCD burden in India. We want to do it from the grass-root level by providing health & wellness education and awareness via a trusted ecosystem of doctors. This initiative will accelerate the adoption and help us deploy more Health Pods in doctors’ clinics and the corporate workplace. We believe it can address the gaps in primary and preventive healthcare delivery and simultaneously fill them, making it feasible, affordable and accessible to all Indians disregarding their socio-economic status. And in this expedition, deployment of Health Pods in doctors’ clinics will be indeed instrumental.” He further eluded “the collaboration with Medikabazaar motto to save lives by supply, delivery, procurement, installation and service support, proves to be time-critical in healthcare and will be instrumental in filling the supply gaps.”

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