Metropolis Healthcare awards Scholarships to 50 Medical Students

Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., a global chain of pathology labs and diagnostic centers, today awarded 50 Medical Students under their Medical Talen Outreach Programme titled “MEDENGAGE”. The initiative has been launched by Metropolis Healthcare to nurture and nourish medical talent in the nation today.

While addressing at the award ceremony, Dr Sushil Shah, Founder & Chairman, Metropolis Healthcare, said, “In my personal experience during my student years, I have observed that many bright students couldn’t pursue medical science due to financial difficulties. And I feel industry deprived these bright students from becoming specialist doctors. Students who don’t have money but want to do something constructive, needs funding for research or thesis. Also students who are pursuing undergraduate or graduation programs in medical science needs to be exposed to modern technology as the current syllabus I feel is outdated. We believe through MEDENGAGE we are able to support the aspiring medical students to some extent which will benefit them financially through our scholarship program. We got an overwhelming response of over 4500 students from 500 medical institutions not just from India, but also from other international countries like Zambia, Ghana, China, Russia and Japan. We have shortlisted 50 best students and are awarding them scholarships and awards to prosper further.”


Speaking about MEDENGAGE, Ameera Shah, Founder & Managing Director, said, “Healthcare sector has evolved in the last two decades. Patients today are more evolved and more aware of their conditions, available treatment and management options and are making intelligent decisions. Additionally, insurance penetration has increased dramatically today to about 50-60 percent in hospital income. Over the next decade it is likely to grow 60-80 percent. Initiative like Ayushman Bharat has given opportunity for better healthcare to the rural sector. Ayushman Bharat is expected to add 300-400 million patients exposed to healthcare. Technology innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics are changing the dynamics of medical science. With the help of technology, a common pool of data can be created which can be accessed by various stake holders in healthcare ecosystem. Lastly, any student and the entire medical fraternity need to keep patient as the utmost priority while keeping in mind the changing dynamics in the sector.”

MEDENGAGE is an effort by Metropolis to engage and partner with medical students who essentially form the future way-forward supporting the world class laboratory assistance to raise the bar of academic research in the country. This is a part of the company’s social initiatives to bring changes and improve the healthcare research and academic landscape in India.

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