Metropolis Healthcare partners with Singapore-based AI solutions provider Qritive

To revolutionise cancer detection through advanced AI technology 

Metropolis Healthcare announced its collaboration with Qritive, a leading provider of AI solutions for pathology labs globally. This partnership is set to augment Metropolis’ cancer diagnosis capabilities through the integration of state-of-the-art AI technology. The integration includes the adoption of the PantheonTM image management system (IMS) and the utilisation of Qritive’s AI products, marking a significant leap forward in incorporating Artificial Intelligence into pathology workflows for enhanced efficiency and precision in diagnostics.


Surendran Chemmenkottil, CEO, Metropolis Healthcare said, “In today’s healthcare landscape, AI plays a pivotal role in supporting pathologists and clinicians, enhancing the cancer diagnosis process. Qritive’s AI platform is expected to streamline routine cancer diagnosis, ensuring quality control, reducing diagnosis time, and enhancing overall productivity. The integration of AI insights into pathology workflows will significantly impact various tissue diagnoses, providing quicker turnaround times and delivering high-quality results. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to setting a new standard in cancer care, particularly in supporting clinicians in making effective treatment decisions for prostate cancer detection.” 

Dr Kirti Chadha, Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Oncopathologist, Metropolis Healthcare, stated, “Our commitment is unwavering in providing precise, timely, and personalised cancer diagnoses for every patient. As cancer prevalence rises and personalised medicine advances, diagnostic complexity increases, adding to pathologists’ workloads. Through the integration of advanced AI technology, we empower our pathologists to deliver highly accurate diagnoses, directly influencing patient prognosis. This facilitates swift prioritisation of urgent cases and enhances overall quality through an ‘AI review.’ The AI-generated insights, encompassing cancer heatmaps, tumour grading, and measurement, alongside streamlined reporting tools, provide invaluable digital assistance to oncopathologists, revolutionising our approach to cancer diagnostics.”

“Qritive is proud to collaborate with Metropolis, a premier diagnostic leader, harnessing the power of AI to improve patient outcomes and enhance the work-life balance of pathologists. Our entire team is enthusiastic about demonstrating how deep tech will support clinicians and play a crucial role in ‘closing the gap’ in cancer care,” commented Bruno Occhipinti, CEO, Qritive.


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