MGM Healthcare performs CT-guided minimally invasive neuro-surgical procedure

The patient was a 28-year-old woman from Bangladesh

Chennai-based MGM Healthcare has successfully performed a CT guided Minimally Invasive Neuro Surgical Procedure on a 28-year-old patient from Bangladesh. A multi-disciplinary team lead by Prof Dr K Sridhar – Director, Neurosciences and Spine at MGM healthcare conducted the complex minimally invasive pain-relieving procedure on the patient.

Dr K Sridhar explained, “We conducted a high resolution 3T MRI scan with MR neurography and diagnosed that the pain was emanating from the left Cervical C2 Dorsal root ganglion, high up in the neck. Once we had clarity from the scans about the underlying issue, the only possible treatment option was to perform a procedure that would destroy the pain fibres of the ganglion – which is a neural junction in general terms.”

“We had to be cautious while planning the procedure to avoid a major risk of paralysis or death due to the precarious location of the ganglion. With the technological advancements and the expertise available at MGM Healthcare, we decided to perform a minimally invasive intervention over open surgery. A CT guided Radiofrequency Ablation procedure was planned with the help of our highly experienced Interventional Radiology Team,” Dr Sridhar added.

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