mHealth expected to be crucial in making healthcare accessible in India: PwC-CII Paper

In India, there is considerable potential to leverage mHealth (mobile health) as an alternative healthcare delivery channel. According to the knowledge paper titled “How mHealth can revolutionise the Indian healthcare industry,” jointly launched by PwC and the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) at the 14th India Health Summit, access to even basic healthcare is a challenge because the supporting infrastructure and resources are inadequate.

India has only 0.7 Doctors, 1.3 Nurses and 1.1. Hospital beds per 1000 population thus creating a need for alternative channel like mHealth for delivery of healthcare. Additionally, there are some worrying statistics on the Indian healthcare ecosystem. In fact, a large segment of the population is deprived of even primary healthcare facilities. It is imperative to leverage newer ways to make quality and affordable healthcare accessible to everyone.


mHealthThe knowledge paper focuses on the factors driving healthcare providers and and patients to adopt mHealth. Financial constraints like rising healthcare costs and limited budget allocation for healthcare by the government further constrain the healthcare ecosystem in India. Behavioural factors such as change in lifestyle have resulted in newer types …

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