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Ministry of Labour and Employment initiates setting up ESIC hospital at Dholera SIR

Dholera aims to provide affordable healthcare treatment to workers and employees of the special investment region

Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR), a major greenfield industrial hub planned and located over 100km south of Ahmedabad, is in conversation with ESIC under India’s Ministry of Labour and Employment to allocate land for constructing a hospital with around 200 beds. With the initiation of this public health system, Dholera will aim to provide affordable healthcare treatment to workers and employees of the special investment region.


Dholera SIR, which caters to more than 4500 labourers and a request to the Ministry of Labour and Employment, was made for setting up a hospital to deliver high-quality healthcare for its workers. As the workforce will grow due to upcoming connectivity projects and the launch of new industrial units in the special investment region, the need for a hospital is evident, paving the way for opening up new vistas of development of the hinterland. 

The ministry has accepted and initiated the proposal submitted by Dholera Industrial City Development Limited (DICDL) for setting up an ESIC hospital, as DSIR has already identified a land parcel for a 200-bed hospital in the activation area. 

Hareet Shukla, MD, Dholera Industrial City Development Ltd (DICDL), said, “We are pleased to announce that the Ministry has approved our request and dialogue has been initiated with the officials from State ESIC for setting up an ESI Hospital Dholera SIR. The healthcare facility will serve not only the existing employees and workers but also the futuristic development due to existing and proposed connectivity projects.”


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