Mobile, Accessible Covid-19 testing Need of the Hour

IIT alumni council has launched India’s first COVID-19 test bus

Mumbai: The Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) alumni council launched a COVID-19 test bus to carry out affordable and rapid testing in the dense urban areas of Mumbai. The Covid-19 Test Bus is based on indigenous technology and is the first vehicle of its kind in the world with onboard genetic testing, AI-based teleradiology and contactless sample collection.

The bus, is capable of conducting 10 to 15 tests per hour and facilitate an 80 percent reduction in costs and 100 times increase in testing capacity, the statement released by the IIT alumini council said. The bus is designed keeping in view the heavy rains of Mumbai. There are 384 square feet of lab space on the bus. The COVID-19 test bus will be visiting various slum locations & effectively isolate the high-risk suspects.

Kodoy Technology

The IIT C19 COVID-19 test bus is based on the indigenous Kodoy Technology Stack and executed by partner organisations led by IIT alumni. The Kodoy architecture involves e-vehicles for sample selection and telemedicine, algorithm-based pooled genetic testing and indigenous megalabs capable of up to 5 million tests per month per lab. The medical equipment on board comprises a low dosage digital X-ray, real time teleradiology, contactless swab collection and instant RNA testing. The upgraded M2 version of the bus will have a wireless robotic tele-operated ultrasound lung probe as and nanopore gene sequencer.

The COVID-19 test bus is an initiative by the C19 task force of IIT alumni council, health department of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), and Krsnaa diagnostics.

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