Mobile Application and Scheduling Solution designed for Nurses

While the healthcare industry is undergoing a seismic shift, vying to move from volume-centric to value-based care, effective technological enablement will play a key role in this transition. In the current scenario, the industry is grappling with a considerable shortage of nurses to cater to a high demand market. A World Health organization study titled, ‘The Health Workforce in India’, published in June 2016, revealed that India had 61 nurses / midwives per 1 lakh of the country’s population. Given a rise in ageing population, healthcare companies are now directing their efforts to automation.

Emerging technologies stand to revolutionise traditional healthcare business models, with a focus to improve delivery of services to patients. These technologies are also redefining business models within the sector, with an aim to reduce investment of resources in mundane tasks. In June 2016, Accenture identified five emerging forces, converging to shape the “people first” healthcare landscape: intelligent automation, liquid workforce, the platform economy, predictable disruption and digital trust. This categorically demonstrated how the industry is shifting from a labour-intensive, technology-enabled model to a digital-centric and human-enabled one.

As the industry at large forays into a new era of tech-powered healthcare, definitive solutions are required to focus …

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