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Molbio launches Truenat Scrub T test for Scrub Typhus

A chip-based, multi-disease platform can test over 30 diseases

Molbio Diagnostics, the innovator of Truenat, a point of care Real-Time PCR platform, received Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) approval for its Truenat Scrub T test for Scrub Typhus, an infectious disease that can spread to humans through the bite of an infected chigger (larval mites). 


Scrub Typhus affects approximately one million people in India every year. As per the PLOS report July 2021, the highest densities of cases were from Tamil Nadu (37.6 per cent of cases), Himachal Pradesh (11 per cent), Karnataka (8.8 per cent), and Uttrakhand (8.5 per cent). 

Sriram Natarajan, Founder-Director and CEO, Molbio Diagnostics said, “We have addressed the critical need for reliable technologies that can enable early and accurate diagnosis by making molecular testing accessible and affordable. We are very happy that our Truenat test for Scrub Typhus has now been approved by DCGI. This will help in fighting against the disease and prevent unnecessary morbidity and mortality.”  

“Quality healthcare should be proactive and not reactive. Enabling point-of-care testing systems are a crucial part of this process. Truenat is a platform that has the approval to test 30+ diseases, the latest being Scrub Typhus. This allows healthcare facilities the flexibility of ramping up testing for specific diseases when required without having to invest in new facilities and amenities. The single platform, Truenat, can test for all diseases with just a different chip. This is the perfect solution for quality healthcare,” Dr Chandrasekhar Nair, Director and CTO, Molbio Diagnostics.

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