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More than 130 medical professionals attended P.D. Hinduja Hospital’s 14th Infectious Disease Certificate Course

P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC organized its 14th Infectious Disease Certificate Course (IDCC) from September 11 – 16, 2017. The Infectious Disease Certificate Course helps budding and established medical professionals analyze the latest information and developments associated with the diagnosis and management of various infectious diseases. The course began with basic programs, growing into more advanced programs and sessions, all within a span of 6 days.

Along with a focus on Diagnosis, Management & Prevention of Infectious Diseases, the course also focused on infectious diseases like Tuberculosis, HIV, Pneumonia, Hepatitis A to E, etc. and panel discussions with interactive sessions led by experts on topics ranging from ICU Infections, Infection Control, Adult Immunization and more.

Dr. Rajeev Soman, Consultant Infectious Disease Physician, P. D. Hinduja Hospital said, “A multidisciplinary approach is needed to understand the requirements for infectious diseases control at a community level. P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC’s IDCC is designed to train post-graduate students in the principles and practice of infectious diseases & microbiology, including anti-microbial resistance and update them on the latest developments in the area of infection control.”

Dr. Camilla Rodrigues, Consultant Microbiologist & Chairperson Infection Control Committee, P. D. Hinduja Hospital said, “Infectious diseases (ID) remain one …

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