Motherhood Hospital Kharadi spreads awareness on Menstrual Issues and Cervical Cancer

An initiative to spread importance of early diagnosis

Motherhood Hospital Kharadi in association with Women’s Club, Kharadi organised an awareness camp on Menstrual issues and Cervical Cancer. More than 60 women had marked their presence.Dr Suvarna Zirpe Gynecologist & Fertility specialist, Motherhood Hospital had an open interaction session on menstrual hygiene issues and importance of early diagnosis of cervical cancer. Motherhood Hospital organised Pap Smear test and consultation at a very nominal rates for all participants.

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer globally Although the condition was earlier common in women above 30 years of age, now-a-days, a sharp rise in the incidence of the condition is being seen in women in the second decade of their life. The higher incidence of cervix cancer is attributed to multiple sex partners, early age of sexual contact and viral infection (HPV). Other factors include unhygienic sexual practices, ignorance about the proper cleaning of the female genitals, paucity of proper toilets, inadequate bathing facilities.


Dr Suvarna Zirpe, Gynecologist & Fertility Specialist, Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi says, “Menstrual hygiene is vital to keep girls and women healthy worldwide. It is important to understand that menstruation hygiene enables women and girls to reach life’s fullest potential.

“One of the best ways to fight cancer is through early detection. Due to lifestyle modifications, obesity, stress there are more cases of cancer. Through this awareness program, we are educating women about early detection and awareness.  Now, more than ever, women should be especially concerned about the early detection of Cervical cancer, as it is the most common among women all over the world. Thus, a regular screening will greatly increase how successful your treatment may be.”

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