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MoU between Kalam Institute of Health Technology and CSIR – CGCRI, Kolkata

To transform the medical device implant industry

The Kalam Institute of Health Technology (KIHT), at the AP MedTech Zone, Visakhapatnam and Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) – Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute (CGCRI), Kolkata have signed MoU on 04 January 2019. KIHT created with support of DBT (Dept. of Biotechnology) whose mandate is to reduce country’s import dependency and increase affordable medical devices through indigenous
manufacturing, while CSIR-CGCRI mission is to provide scientific industrial research and development in the area of glass, ceramics and related materials that maximizes the economic, environmental and societal benefit for the people of India.

Both these institutes are going to work together to transform the medical device implant industry where glass and ceramics are highly applied in bio-implants. For the fiscal year 2017– 2018, the import value of Biomedical Implants is approximately INR ₹2100Crores while export value is INR ₹400Crores. As a national lab CSIR-CGCRI is dedicated to carry out applied research in the fields of Bio Active Coating for Orthopaedic and Dental Application and Ceramic based hip joint prostheses and hydroxyapatite based integrated orbital implants
which can significantly reduce the import dependency in the Biomedical implant and Biomaterial sector. KIHT can facilitate these innovations of CSIR-CGCRI using its e-Auction portal where any interested Indian manufacturer can bid the technology and start indigenously manufacturing thereby reducing import dependency.


In addition, KIHT would support CSIR-CGCRI scientists, researchers, and students to engage with medical device companies, innovators, incubatees, R&D institutions, and technical service providers. KIHT also facilitates access to the Common Scientific Facilities (CSFs) of its affiliate company, AMTZ for accelerating medical product development and commercialization. Further, both the institutes are going to encourage and facilitate industries, innovators, biomedical and related R&D institutions for exchange of information
in relation to healthcare technology.

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