Mumbai-based Holy Family Hospital opens advanced therapeutic endoscopy dept

An upgraded medical and paediatric ward was also inaugurated 

Mumbai-based Holy Family Hospital has opened a state-of-the-art Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Department and newly upgraded medical and paediatric wards. 

The inauguration featured the introduction of the Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy Department, a new facility equipped with the latest technology to enhance the hospital’s diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities, providing patients with top-tier endoscopic services like Third Space Endoscopic procedures such as Peroral endoscopic myotomy, Gastric Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy and other Therapeutic, Diagnostic and Endoscopic Ultrasound-guided procedures. 

Additionally, the event showcased the renovated medical ward, reflecting significant upgrades designed to improve patient care and comfort, thereby offering a better environment for both patients and healthcare professionals. Furthermore, the unveiling of the upgraded PICU & Pediatric Ward is a testament to our efforts to provide the highest standard of care for children from all walks of society, ensuring their recovery in a comfortable and modern setting.

The Endoscopy Department was inaugurated by Sanjay Marathe (Senior Police Inspector – Bandra Police Station) and blessed by His Lordship Bishop Dominic Savio. The Medical Ward was inaugurated by Geoffrey Nagpal and Ashley Nagpal, EBCO and the PICU & Pediatric Ward was inaugurated by Harish Shah and Bina Shah of HBS Foundation, both followed by blessings from His Lordship Bishop Dominic Savio.


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