Mumbai-based Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital to provide rare robotic therapy 

The high-tech state-of-the-rehab robot Lokomat – exoskeleton plays a vital role in more efficient and faster recovery

Mumbai-based HN Reliance Foundation Hospital (RFH) now houses the high-tech robot Lokomat – exoskeleton. Combined with manual therapy and other medical assistance, robotic intervention can lead to faster recovery from trauma. The equipment works as an aid to patients recovering from a stroke, paralysis, brain, shoulder, hip, or any kind of injury. 

Explaining the function of robotic physiotherapy, Dr Poonam Bajaj, Consultant Physiotherapist, Dept of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital said, “For decades it has even been revealed that repetitive movements result in improving the patient’s movement and speed. The progression and evaluation of advanced rehabilitation robots in healthcare are bridging the gap in rehab treatments and ensuring training dosages for many patients, especially stroke patients. Lokomat – exoskeleton operates with the most advanced technology globally making it the right choice for our patients.”

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