New NephroCheck® Test Outcomes Data Show Significant Reduction in Kidney Injury, Hospital Stay

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, has announced that health and cost outcomes data from the BigpAK trial in acute kidney injury (AKI) risk assessment and management using the NephroCheck® Test will be presented at this year’s European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) annual meeting, being held in Vienna, Austria, from September 23-27.
The presentation, “Biomarker-guided intervention to prevent acute kidney injury after major surgery: the prospective randomized BigpAK study,” will be presented by Ivan Göcze, MD on Monday, September 25, 2017 at 9:55 a.m. in the Glasgow Room at the Austria Centre.

AKI is a frequent complication in patients undergoing major surgery, which causes as many as two million deaths worldwide1 and increased health care costs.2  Although the complication can be managed, today’s standard indicators of AKI, such as elevated levels of serum creatinine, may not be present until after kidney damage has occurred.3

“The NephroCheck Test will play a vital role in preventing the development of AKI in post-surgical patients,” said Fernando Chaves, M.D., chief medical officer at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, which has developed the VITROS® NephroCheck Test for use on Ortho’s VITROS® platforms.  “Ortho is proud to be working to bring this vitally important test to as many ICU patients as possible.”

The randomized BigpAK trial, published earlier this month online in Annals of Surgery,4 utilized the NephroCheck Test to identify patients at high risk of developing AKI, and implement preventative intervention.  Use of the NephroCheck Test, combined with guided therapy, led to a 66 percent reduction in moderate and severe AKI following noncardiac surgery. In addition to the health outcomes, patients in the intervention group spent fewer days in the intensive care unit (ICU), and a reduction in length of hospital stay by five days.

The findings add to the evidence gathered in a trial published earlier this year in the journal Intensive Care Medicine,5  in which the NephroCheck Test was used to evaluate patients after cardiac surgery, resulting in a 33.9 percent reduction in moderate to severe AKI.

Ortho’s VITROS® NephroCheck received CE Mark earlier this year.  The company has filed for approval of VITROS NephroCheck in the U.S. Ortho sells the NephroCheck Test on both the VITROS® automated platform and the Astute140 benchtop device.


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