Nitin Gadkari inaugurates robotic urology centre UroKul – Pune

The hospital installed one of the latest robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) technology, The Da Vinci, by US-based Intuitive

Nitin Gadkari inaugurated the robotic urology centre at India’s third-largest urology hospital, UroKul – Pune. The centre named Dattatray P Mhaiskar Robotic Urology Centre is equipped to provide urological healthcare of the highest quality, with the installation of 4th generation robotic technology, the Da Vinci, by US-based Intuitive.  

Dr Sanjay Kulkarni,Founder, UroKul Hospital, emphasised, “The utilisation of robotic-assisted technology in urological surgery is pivotal for advancing medical science and delivering enhanced patient care. UroKul Hospital has consistently strived to offer the best technology and better patient outcomes in the field of urology. Since its inception, UroKul has always aimed to provide timely, advanced treatments to all our patients. With the launch of Dattatray P Mhaiskar Robotic Urology Centre and the installation of Da Vinci RAS system, we are confident that patients across the region can now seek effective surgical solutions for their urological conditions at our hospital.”

UroKul is the only centre outside the US and UK which is recognised for its training of Urologists in Urethroplasty via a one-year fellowship program of GURS (Society of Genito Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons). Their offerings include surgeries for Penile Urethra, Panurethral Stricture, Bulbar Urethra Pelvic Fracture Hypospadias etc.

Mandeep Singh Kumar, VP & GM, Intuitive India, said, “We are glad to collaborate with UroKul Hospital for this significant step to make this advanced surgical technology accessible to urology patients from this region. The demand for robotic-assisted surgery has been on the rise in India over the last few years. This demand has been driven not only by the potential for improved patient outcomes that robotic-assisted surgery can provide but also by the enthusiasm of passionate and skilled surgeons in India for adopting newer technologies and techniques. We are encouraged to see an increasing number of healthcare providers ready to invest in the latest technology for robotic-assisted surgery, particularly the Da Vinci, for its improved patient and clinical outcomes.” 

The Da Vinci technology, known for its better patient outcomes, is also associated with lesser pain, less blood loss, shorter hospital stay and even minimal post-operative complications in certain cases. In addition to that, Da Vinci brings across some innovative features including voice and laser guidance systems, a lightweight endoscope, and the same control console and 3D optics system that lets surgeons see into the patients as they operate the device. These benefits go a long way in enabling the surgeon and care teams to provide life-enhancing care for their patients.  

The hospital is equipped with over five operation theatres, 10 ICUs, 10-bed haemodialysis facilities, 10 OPD rooms, and 10 outpatient rooms, and is constructed in an area of over 82000 sq ft. The hospital offers treatments at concessional rates, and free for deserving patients.

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