Nova IVF Fertility witnesses over 30k new couples seeking fertility assessment

Nova IVF’s 35 centres are following covid appropriate behaviour to increase and improve the accessibility of fertility treatments

Nova IVF Fertility Clinic has witnessed over 30,000 new couples apart from the already existing ones, who have come forth for their fertility assessment and IVF treatments. Over 100 couples who were tested COVID positive, resumed their treatment post recovery and 40 of these couples have already embarked on the journey of conception after successful fertility treatments at Nova IVF. With the ongoing vaccine drives people are slowly recovering from the pandemic, planning to go on with their routine and normal schedule by taking the right kind of precautions and following safety norms.


Shobhit Agarwal, CEO, Nova IVF Fertility said, “With all our 35 centres following covid appropriate behaviour and almost all our employees vaccinated, we aim to increase and improve the accessibility of fertility treatments to every couple in India, who is aspiring for parenthood. Couples are now realising that the pandemic is here to stay, and fertility treatments are time-sensitive procedures and should not be postponed. We are witnessing a surge across all our centres and see a massive demand coming from tier II markets as well. At Nova IVF Fertility, we have witnessed 65 per cent of positive pregnancies amongst the couples with over 2,000 live births and still counting during the pandemic.”

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