Novo Nordisk Education Foundation launches diabetes education chatbot Mishti 

The 24*7 chatbot is available in seven different languages

Novo Nordisk Education Foundation (NNEF) launched a WhatsApp Chatbot, Mishti as a one-stop solution for diabetes education in India. NNEF’s Mishti aims to provide easy and quick access to important information to effectively manage diabetes.   


Some of the key information services offered by Mishti include insulin device demos, customised diet plans for each patient with exercise guidance based on publicly available information, and scientifically backed research papers. It is customised in seven different languages (English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, and Tamil) so that a greater number of people can access the information in their preferred language.   

“Mishti is our effort to empower the 77 million people living with diabetes[2] to make informed decisions with scientifically backed information. We are committed to addressing the challenges of diabetes management in India by continuing to drive change’’ says Vikrant Shrotriya, Managing Trustee, Novo Nordisk Education Foundation.  

Mishti delivers diabetes-centric information to the country’s massive diabetes population at their fingertips through Whatsapp. A large number of diabetes patients are unable to manage their disease well due to limited awareness, poor medication adherence, and improper lifestyle and dietary habit. Through Mishti, NNEF aims to cater to India’s diabetes education needs and resolve these problems. 

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