Now Digital Sanitisation Assurance System to Assure Sanitisation

New Delhi: A health-tech startup Pink Tech Design in collaboration with Nuverse Health Solutions has developed Digital Sanitisation Assurance System (DSAS), an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) based tool to digitally assure sanitisation as per WHO recommendations.

The tool works on three inter-connected systems. When a user signs in with biometric or RFID, the hand sanitisation station detects if the user’s hands are sanitised or not, by quantifying the level of hand sanitisation. If it blinks red, it means hands are not clean and if green, it means they are sanitised.


“Designed in full response to coronavirus pandemic, our tool focuses on transforming primary health by including sanitisation; preventing sanitisation stigma through AI generated information and enabling technology-based behaviour change,” shared Kanav Kahol, CEO and Founder of Pink Tech Design.

The system also does Glove Detection with the use of AI to ensure the user has worn gloves. It can work up to 10 meters from a CCTV camera. It produces records and can be linked with biometrics to produce individual records for offices. With AI, computer vision on CCTV or webcam camera, the system can also detect mask compliance and adherence. It then produces records on the cloud. The level of innovation is higher than one can imagine as nobody can cheat on the mask detection system. AI recognises people trying to cover their faces with their hands.

The system runs API to report adherence and compliance. With adherence database, one can decide further actions like opening gates, generating sanitisation ratings etc. It has reported 94.5 per cent accuracy in hand sanitisation status, 96.7 per cent accuracy in glove detection system, 98 per cent accuracy in mask detection system and 98% users agreeing to a safer and healthier environment because of DSAS.

Mukesh Mhatre CEO of Nuverse Health Solutions said, “Realising the importance of the system in COVID like pandemic scenarios and post COVID scenario, we have designed this tool to minimise the risk of the pandemic and health security threats.”

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