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NYU surgeon pioneers innovative in-office orthopaedic procedure

Using a revolutionary chip on tip optics a tiny needle less than 2 mm in diameter can be inserted into the joint

Thanks to pioneering work at New York’s NYU Langone Orthopaedic Hospital patients no longer need to be put under or go to an operating room. Using a revolutionary chip on tip optics a tiny needle less than 2 mm in diameter can be inserted into the joint. Small tools can also be introduced into the joint while the patient is awake but the area is numbed using local anaesthetic. The doctors can perform these procedures while the patient is sitting or lying in a room in the doctor’s office. Operating rooms are not needed and all the equipment is sterile and disposable so the costs are kept to a minimum.


Dr John G Kennedy, a leading pioneer in this technology states “going to your orthopaedic surgeon will soon be like visiting your dentist; So many procedures will soon be able to be done in the office rather than in an operating room with less stress for the patient and fewer recovery times needed.” 

Kennedy was quick to say that not all procedures can be performed in an office setting and many bigger procedures will always need the traditional operating room.

Surgeons at NYU Langone have performed over 200 of these procedures to date and the outcomes of these have been as good or better than traditional surgery. 

Mike Bamisile, a junior at Washington University, recently was told he needed major surgery to get back playing basketball. Bamisile elected to get a second opinion from Dr Kennedy who performed a nanoscope procedure in the office, finding a loose body in the knee and was able to get the star basketball player back in the game twice as fast as a traditional procedure. Bamisile, stated Dr Kennedy and his team at NYU are awesome.”  

The Nanoscope was developed by Arthrex industries in Naples Florida and is being released worldwide over the next several months.

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