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Oasis Fertility Present FastTrack IVF Treatments

Past few months of the pandemic has changed a lot of perspectives in our country, we are living in a completely different world than what we used to before 3 to 4 months. The fertility space too has been affected and for a lot of couples the cycles were either cancelled or postponed, putting a pause on dreams of starting a family. Oasis Fertility believes that with robust COVID prevention protocols, personalized care and fast track fertility treatments can be resumed.

Oasis Fertility has resumed work and are doing their best to limit transmission risk. Their objective is to mitigate the risk to all their patients and staff by both symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects. ASRM task force summarized that there are still a lot of unknows on impact of pregnancy on vulnerability to COVID-19, impact of COVID-19 on pregnancy including maternal and fetal risks, and extent of immunity in previously infected persons.

“It has been quite distressing for couples who had their egg picked up but could not get the embryo transferred because of lockdown had to go to in for embryo freezing option and start the clock from where they had stopped before lock down. On the other hand there were couples who had to stop their treatments in the middle due to lockdown causing a huge financial and mental burden. The chance of conception goes down with the growing age, and gets more difficult as you cross 35 years of age. Statistically the chances going down by 0.3% or so and in 6 months of postponement, your chances are going to be depleted by additional 2% which is quite a big deal for couples opting for IVF.” added Dr. Sudhaker Jadhav the Chief Operating Officer at Oasis Fertility.

Oasis Fertility has  been giving the due confidence to the patients who have made the decision to resume fertility care with Robust Risk Mitigation policies and procedures such as training of protocols, hand washing techniques, social distancing, checking the body temperature, recording the SPO2, mandatory mask and shields, hand sanitization, PPE to all our healthcare workers, teleconsulting for the preliminary history taking, restricting appointments etc.  Along with the risk of being infected, there is another looming issue of most patients diminishing window of opportunity of getting pregnant. The more the couple delay the treatment, the less chances of them getting conceived.

Oasis Fertility, recommends that the patients should get educated on the fast track IVF treatment options like PGT-A, PGT-M, PGT-SR, solutions like IVM, ERA, Embryo Glue and AI on embryo selection. While there are other options such as donor oocyte and embryo adoption as well.

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