PD Hinduja Hospital, Khar unveils Advanced CAR-T Cell Therapy

NexCAR19 is a CAR-T cell therapy indigenously developed and manufactured by ImmunoACT (in association with IIT-Bombay and Tata Memorial Centre)

PD Hinduja Hospital, Khar has introduced CAR-T cell therapy. One of the first hospitals in Mumbai to collaborate with ImmunoACT, PD Hinduja Hospital, Khar intends to herald in a new age of cancer care in Mumbai. NexCAR19 (Actalycabtagene autoleucel) is India’s first indigenous gene-modified cell treatment for patients aged 15 and above with relapsed or refractory B-cell lymphoma and B-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Gautam Khanna, CEO, PD Hinduja Hospital said, “We are proud to be one of the first healthcare institutions in Mumbai to provide our patients with CAR-T cell therapy, a revolutionary new therapeutic option that has the potential to transform the way we treat cancer. The launch of CAR-T cell treatment at PD Hinduja Hospital represents a significant milestone and highlights our commitment to providing our patients with the most cutting-edge treatments available, and we hope to make this therapy available to as many patients as possible.”

NexCAR19 is a CAR-T cell therapy indigenously developed and manufactured by ImmunoACT (in association with IIT-Bombay and Tata Memorial Centre). It is a breakthrough therapy that modifies immune cells, particularly T-cells, transforming them into potent cancer fighters known as CAR-T cells. This therapy, which is a 2nd generation humanized CAR-T cell therapy, is autologous (patient-specific) and targets the CD19 protein – a biomarker that is overexpressed in certain B-cell cancers.

This therapy is recommended for patients with B-cell lymphomas or B-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia who have not responded to traditional therapies such as chemotherapy, resulting in a relapse or recurrence of cancer. Also called a living drug, the therapy gives considerable advantages and involves swift, single infusion treatment, improving the quality of life for many patients at almost one-tenth the cost commercially available worldwide.

Dr (Prof) Vijay Patil, Consultant, Medical Oncology, PD Hinduja Hospital, Khar said,” The arrival of CAR-T program in PD Hinduja Hospital marks the start of a new era of personalised cancer care. It opens avenues for newer therapies and solutions for patients with resistant cancers.”

Dr Ashay Karpe, Consultant, Hemato-Oncology, PD Hinduja Hospital, Khar said, “The CAR-T programme at PD Hinduja Hospital will provide new hope to many cancer patients at an affordable cost, encouraging a paradigm shift in oncology that stresses both efficacy and accessibility.”

Shirish Arya, Co-founder & Director of Business Development and Corporate Strategy said, “Partnering with PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, one of Mumbai’s leaders in consolidated cancer care, will allow us to broaden the accessibility of NexCAR19 to patients. We look forward to actively contributing towards better outcomes and significant improvements in patient’s quality of life through this collaboration.”



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