PD Hinduja Hospital, Medical Research Centre digitises antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention & control prog

PD Hinduja Hospital and MRC have adopted the Ibhar solution that provides a comprehensive framework for enhancing infection prevention and control practices 

PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre announced a transformative partnership with Ibhar Technologies, heralding a significant stride towards redefining standards in patient care. The collaboration signifies the digitalisation of the hospital’s Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) and Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) programmes through the implementation of Ibhar AMS solutions. This innovative endeavour harnesses the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to bolster healthcare standards, with a paramount emphasis on enhancing patient safety and elevating clinical outcomes. 

PD Hinduja Hospital and MRC have adopted Ibhar solution that provides a comprehensive framework for enhancing infection prevention and control (IPC) practices in healthcare settings. Leveraging mobile and web-based tools will empower PD Hinduja Hospital & MRC’s professionals to implement WHO and CDC-endorsed strategies. Studies have demonstrated that robust IPC programmes can reduce HAIs by 70 per cent, underscoring Ibhar’s pivotal role in ensuring patient safety and advancing global healthcare standards. 

Joy Chakraborty, COO, PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, affirmed, “PD Hinduja Hospital has been at the forefront of providing quality healthcare to its patients. The hospital has taken steps in this direction earlier, both clinical and non-clinical, for the past many years. This step of adopting Ibhar is in the same direction to provide better quality care to patients.” 

Dr Camilla Rodrigues, Consultant Microbiologist and Chairperson of the Infection Control Committee, PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, affirmed, “PD Hinduja Hospital has always kept high standards concerning infection prevention and control. The hospital’s infection control rates are benchmarked for better performance. The hospital has always been an early adopter of protocols, technologies and services in the direction of infection prevention and control.  Partnering with Ibhar Technologies is yet another step in this direction.” 

The Ibhar tool for infection prevention and control streamlines the entire process by facilitating the identification of necessary actions, recording of current statuses, and efficient planning for addressing any outstanding issues. With real-time dashboards providing a comprehensive view of non-compliance contributors, departments, quality teams, and management can collaboratively develop and implement efficient practices swiftly. Moreover, individual department heads are empowered to understand requirements, record current statuses, and plan necessary actions seamlessly. This integrated approach also enables regular audits and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking, enhancing organisational compliance and accountability. This technology is being implemented at PD Hinduja Hospital & MRC with support from Pfizer and the Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI). 

C Bernard, MD, Ibhar, said, “We are glad to be associated with P. D. Hinduja Hospital in this endeavour of creating a transformative clinical governance ecosystem. Through a comprehensive suite of solutions, Ibhar aspires to establish a foundation built on robust value creation and the consistent application of standardised practices. The implementation of this cutting-edge technology promises a multitude of advantages, not only ensuring the continued competency of valued staff but also streamlining cumbersome paperwork. Furthermore, it will significantly bolster compliance with essential infection control practices, safeguarding the health and well-being of everyone involved.”  


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