Plasmagen Biosciences launches CSL’s Haemocomplettan P for cardiac surgeries, liver transplant

Will cater to the 1,50,000 cardiac surgeries and over 1,800 liver transplant patients who are at risk of massive bleeding due to acquired hypofibrinogenemia

Bengaluru-headquartered Plasmagen Biosciences specialising in plasma protein and speciality care therapy, has launched Haemocomplettan P (Human Fibrinogen Concenrate), manufactured by CSL Behring, a business unit of global biotechnology leader CSL. Plasmagen is CSL Behring’s exclusive distributor of Haemocomplettan P in India. Haemocomplettan P is approved for therapy and prophylaxis of haemorrhagic diatheses in congenital afibrinogenaemia and acquired hypofibrinogenaemia.

Due to the high burden of uncontrolled massive bleeding in cardiac and liver transplant surgeries, there is an immense need for a product like Haemocomplettan P in India. Therefore, Plasmagen pursues a vision of ushering in these niche therapy segments with products like Haemocomplettan P.

CSL Behring- manufactured Haemocomplettan P is a purified human fibrinogen concentrate, which has an experience of over 27 years and over 3.5 lakh patients treated worldwide.

“Fibrinogen plays a pivotal role in cardiac surgery bleeding, with decreased concentrations contributing to adverse outcomes. Human fibrinogen concentrate (HFC) has demonstrated efficacy in restoring fibrinogen levels, offering potential benefits in reducing bleeding and minimising the need for intraoperative blood transfusions,” said Dr N Kanagarajan, Senior Consultant Cardiac Anaesthesiologistat the Madras Medical Mission, Chennai.

“The collaboration of Plasmagen and CSL Behring will not only further open new avenues in different specialties which include cardiac, liver transplant, gastroenterology and paediatrics but also ensure access to quality products with global safety standards in the biopharmaceutical space. We are also committed to providing holistic solutions in therapy shaping, disease awareness and patient education,” said Vinod Nahar, MD, Plasmagen Biosciences.




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