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Post-Budget reaction: Minnie Bodhanwala, CEO, Wadia Hospitals

The budget keeps us on track while providing universal access to health facilities. The rollout for screening for Sickel Cell anaemia of 7 crore people in the 0-40 years age group in affected tribal areas is a good move. The fact that this rare disease found a place in the budget is a testament to show that the government is on a mission to eradicate the disease and make access to quality healthcare services a reality for India. It also makes me happy from the bottom of my heart to know that more than 220 crores of COVID-19 vaccines for 102 crore people were administered. This will in turn be invaluable in strengthening our fight against non-communicable diseases. In addition to that the effort to increase skilled healthcare personnel by establishing 157 new nursing colleges in core locations gives hope for manpower growth in the healthcare sector of India. At Wadia Hospitals, we look forward to contributing to the success of these path-breaking initiatives. Overall, a very well-thought-out budget that has heard our voices and the needs of the healthcare sector of the country.




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