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Post-Budget reactions: Girish Arora, Founder & MD – Alniche Lifesciences

The healthcare sector has been a major focus of the government in recent years, with increasing allocations in the previous budgets. Budget 2023 will provide a roadmap for the government’s plans to improve the overall healthcare system in India. The rise in funding for research and development in the healthcare sector will help research diseases, as well as for the development of new drugs and treatments. The focus on expanding healthcare services through the implementation of a universal healthcare coverage system will help provide access to affordable and quality healthcare services to all citizens, regardless of their socio-economic status. This year’s budget will improve healthcare infrastructure, strengthen the public healthcare system, promote research and development, expand coverage of healthcare services, and promote the use of technology to improve the overall healthcare system in India. With these initiatives, the healthcare sector will see a positive impact, leading to a healthier and more productive population.

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