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Precision in PET-CT imaging now at HCG Hospital

Biograph Vision - 600 Digital PET-CT scanner

Bengaluru: Precision in PET-CT is redefining cancer diagnostics with the digital PET-CT scanner Biograph vision-600 at HCG hospital, Bengaluru.This is the first UDR detector 3.2 mm LSO crystals and help to detect small lesions, devise accurate treatment strategies and achieve optimal performance in a wide range of count rates.

Dr K G Kallur, Director – Molecular Imaging, HCG said,” In cancer care the need of the hour is precision and accuracy. We will now have the advantage to report cancerous lesions or tumors more accurately and fast, plan the treatment better and achieve the desired clinical outcome for patients.”


Dr B S Ajaikumar, Chairman & CEO, HCG Enterprise said,” We at HCG are happy to announce the introduction of digital PET-CT which transforms diagnosis and therapy to a much higher level. This is the highest technology possible for image diagnosis globally. HCG has always invested in the best of technology and expertise for our patients for improved outcomes, testified by Harvard Business Review and the World Bank. This is another milestone for us in achieving our goals towards precision medicine and outcomes on par with global standards.”

“In this unit of HCG we do about 30-50 PET-CT Scans in a day and the demand is surging,” said Dr Kallur.

The PET-CT scans cost around INR 23000-25000 in Bengaluru. The digital PET-CT machine costs around INR 20-25 Cr.

“We are proud to partner with HCG, who is a renowned cancer care provider in India. With exceptional features such as the market’s fastest time-of-flight and highest effective sensitivity, Biograph Vision helps reduce scan time and injected dose, reducing patient exposure to radiation. We look forward to our journey together in transforming care delivery by setting benchmarks for precision in PET/CT imaging.” said, Vivek Kanade, Executive Director, Siemens Healthineers, India.

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