Fortis Hospitals and Philips India launch exclusive echocardiography training centre

First of its kind in India

Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru in collaboration with Philips India launched an echocardiography training centre, focused to help doctors learn more about echocardiography.

After ECG, ultrasound based echocardiography is the second most widely used test for investigating heart diseases. With increasing incidents of heart diseases in India, echocardiography as an easily available and affordable test needs to be better utilized in various patient scenarios. Physicians are in need of such trainings to better manage their patients and to also upgrade their skills in the latest methods of TBC.

Fortis Hospitals through F.A.M.E (Fortis Academy of Medical Education) has always been at the forefront when it comes to academics and education. The echocardiography training centre, which focuses on cardiology and diagnostics is a demonstration of Fortis and Philips’ commitment to upskill the healthcare professionals.

This specialized learning and training centre co-supported by Philips India, is the first of its kind in India as a hospital-industry partnership. The collaborative venture has a training programme in echocardiography which is related to non-invasive cardiology, an area predominantly focusing on the various investigations done for patients who have suspected or known cardiac diseases.

Dr. Satish Govind, Chief of Non-Invasive Cardiology, Fortis hospitals, …

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