PRIMECARE Hospital hails 100th Birth at Embrace, its ‘Mum & Baby’ Vertical

Embrace by PRIMECARE dedicated to excellence in healthcare delivery in ‘mum and baby’ segment, cheerfully celebrated the 100th birth at its recently established birthing centre.

Extending best wishes to entire team of PRIMECARE Hospital on achieving the milestone, Dr. Sayeed Ahmed, Chairman & Managing Director at Primecare India said, “We are delighted that in such a short time we have gained the confidence of 100 happy families by focusing on providing safe and quality care”.


He further thanked the patients and their families for choosing Primecare to be their trusted partner in the momentous journey. “We feel so encouraged by this response and reiterate our commitment to making the pregnancy, birthing and the entire new life experience safe and joyful”, he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Syed Naveed Azam, Group Medical Director elaborated, “Our team of doctors, clinical staff and non-clinical staff couldn’t be happier with the progress Embrace by PRIMECARE has made since first opening its doors in January 2017. The fact that we have more than 250 families we are taking care of at present, is a testimony to our commitment of providing quality healthcare clubbed with best supporting infrastructure and services.”

A highlight of the occasion was an exclusive ‘Open House’ interaction to mark the cherished 100th birth, with an apt theme coined ‘100 Chocolate Cakes for 100 Babies’. After having become fully functional in January 2017, Embrace recorded the first delivery on the day of its inauguration and within a short span recorded the 100th birth happening last month. These included twin deliveries, premature newborn and high risk deliveries with 100% successful outcomes.

Embrace endeavors to provide patient care in the most reliable, efficient and timely manner. The core ethos at Embrace is “Sharing Happiness” with the family, handholding them through the difficult times and working closely with mums, through their pregnancy, by focusing on clinical excellence, affordability, clinical advancements and round-the-clock service provision to both the mother and baby.

The centre is staffed by highly qualified gynecologists and paediatricians besides certified and expert nurses and midwives, offers an enhanced hygienic birthing environment, with comfortable luxurious birthing suites, affordable delivery packages, state-of-the-art Neonatal ICU (NICU), apart from suitable facilities for the relaxed stay of attending families. The clinical services at Embrace include antenatal, Labour and delivery and postnatal care of mothers and newborn & paediatric care including wellness services such as physiotherapy, pilates, dietary counselling and genetic counselling.

At Embrace, clinical care is supplemented by a complete wellness and educational programmes and packages, open to all new and expectant families, including childbirth and newborn care education, nutritional counselling, pre and post-natal classes for new mother groups. The centre also offers community events focused on women, pregnancy and young families.

Earlier, welcoming the gathering, Mohammed Faisal, Chief Operating Officer at PRIMECARE related the story of the hospital attributing its success to the individual and collective contribution of its closely knit team of doctors, nurses and supporting staff. He drew the attention of media and community groups on the group’s emphasis on people and processes working together to deliver great care.

Dr Yunus Kafil, Director Embrace & Chief Paediatrician added“Women should have safe care options for whatever environment they want to have their baby in; and Embrace is geared in supporting both uncomplicated and high risk deliveries in a safe manner and taking care of sick newborn wherever the need arises. The centre will aim to do a high normal delivery ratio, with the motto being to help mothers deliver naturally and intervene only when required.”

He also shared the hospitals launch of newer clinical and allied facilities like “Well Baby Clinic” and “Well Women Clinic” aiming at wellbeing and healthy development of mum and baby.

Given the response to the newly opened hospital facility and the commitment shown by the Primecare group, it is no wonder the group continues to treat thousands of patients at its chain of hospitals, medical centres and pharmacies. And Embrace by PRIMECARE stands out like a ‘jewel in the crown’ of the group’s healthcare portfolio.

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