Pune doctor uses smart glasses combined AI, VR powered innovation in robotic joint replacement surgery

The procedure will improve patient outcomes, and revolutionise the way joint replacements are performed

Dr Aashish Arbat has launched the first-of-its-kind AI-powered innovations in robotic joint replacement surgery in Pune. The cutting-edge technology, known as Robo3wiz Roboalign Hololens 2, uses smart glasses combining artificial intelligence and virtual reality to enhance surgical precision, improve patient outcomes, and revolutionise the way joint replacements are performed.

Traditionally, joint replacement surgeries have relied on preoperative planning and imaging techniques to guide surgeons during the operation. However, with the integration of smart glasses and AR, surgeons can now overlay vital information directly onto their field of vision in real time. This includes 3D models of the patient’s knee or Hip anatomy, virtual incision guides, and live data about implant positioning.

According to Dr Arbat, the use of advanced technology allows for unparalleled accuracy in complex knee, hip, and shoulder replacement surgeries. By providing real-time visualisation of critical anatomical structures, this technology enables precise bone cuts, perfect alignment of implants, and improved soft tissue balance. These advancements not only reduce complications but also expedite recovery and enhance long-term functionality for patients undergoing joint replacement surgery. The incorporation of this revolutionary technology is transforming the field, resulting in more precise and successful joint replacements that ultimately benefit patients in profound ways.

The introduction of smart glasses and augmented reality in Joint replacement surgery marks a significant milestone in the field. Surgeons can now rely on real-time visual information to guide their every move, ensuring the utmost precision during the procedure. This breakthrough technology is set to transform the way knee replacements are performed, offering improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.

The Microsoft HoloLens 2, a cutting-edge AR technology, revolutionizes knee, hip, and shoulder replacement surgeries by offering numerous advantages over computer navigation systems. By using AR, surgeons can access crucial information directly in their field of vision, eliminating the need to divert their attention to a separate screen and potentially compromising patient safety. This real-time navigation system is not only faster but also easier to master compared to robotic knee replacement procedures. 

As per standard practice, a CT scan is required before the surgery, which seamlessly integrates with AR technology, making it more convenient for both surgeons and patients. Moreover, the implementation of AR-based solutions makes Joint replacement Surgery an affordable treatment option that is accessible to a wider range of patients.


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