Raise The ‘Bar’ of Healthcare Quality in India

Dr. Vijay Agarwal, President, CAHO

How has the quality and accreditation (Hospitals) scenario changed in the past few years?

We have been late starters for adopting quality and accreditation standards in the country. Even considering that we started National Accreditation Board in 2005, quality and the accreditation scenario is far from satisfactory in our country. During the last 13 years we have been able to accredit ​approximately 2.5​ per cent of the hospitals by ​NABH

How does accreditation contribute to improved and higher quality care?

​Accreditation does contribute to improved quality as it forces hospital to adopt many steps to enhance patient safety. The maximum benefit will be seen in institutions where there is constant monitoring of standards and good practices.​

Why are there so few hospitals opting for accreditation?

Accreditation is a voluntary process. Better infrastru​cture, equipment and more numbers of trained personnel needed for accreditation requires more finances. Most hospitals are financially stressed and inadequate reimbursement from the government schemes adds to their woes. World over, incentives have been given to the hospitals for achieving accreditation.

In India two recent developments will pave way for more uptake of accreditation. First step is taken by NABH to come out with Pre- accreditation Entry Level Certification where the standards …

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