Redcliffe Labs acquires Rajasthan-based Medicentre Sonography & Clinical Lab

Medicentre marks Redcliffe’s first significant acquisition as it expands its presence across India

Redcliffe Labs, one of the fastest-growing pan-India omnichannel diagnostics chains has acquired Medicentre Sonography & Clinical Lab, the largest independent diagnostic lab chain across Southern Rajasthan offering an integrated diagnostic test menu across pathology and radiology.


Medicentre Sonography and Clinical Lab, led by Dr Manish and Dr Mayanka in Udaipur, is one of the largest independent diagnostic labs in Rajasthan, having 10 labs and an extensive network of 40 collection centres across the southern Rajasthan region.

Medicentre marks Redcliffe’s first significant acquisition as it expands its presence across India. The valuation details of the transaction were not disclosed; however, the payout structure was a mix of cash and equity. Redcliffe plans to retain and leverage the premium brand positioning and brand recall of Medicentre in the region and expand its operations to become the largest integrated lab chain in Rajasthan.

Dheeraj Jain, Founder, Redcliffe said, “Medicentre sits perfectly with our vision and strategy of building a sustainable business offering one-stop diagnostic services with a very wide selection of tests (pathology and radiology) and delivering care closer to the customer, especially for patients living in tier-II to IV cities of India. In addition to accelerating our growth trajectory, this acquisition also benefits us by onboarding the right set of partners in the form of Dr Manish Seth and Dr Mayanka Seth, who with over 25 years of experience has built an amazing diagnostic business in the last 15 years, making Medicentre one of the largest labs and brands in southern Rajasthan.”

Harshita Jain, Director, Redcliffe Labs, said, “We value the additional dimension that Medicentre with its brand, team and business model brings to Redcliffe, and therefore the business will continue to run under the leadership of Dr Seth, with added support and capital from Redcliffe and its team to enable Medicenter’s future growth towards making it the largest diagnostic business in Rajasthan.”

Dr Manish Seth, Founder, Medicenter commented, “This partnership (with Redcliffe), will enable us not only to strengthen our foothold and leadership position in Rajasthan, but also open us to become partners of a platform making an impact at a national level. I am confident that together with the combined strengths of our teams and similar DNA, we will build a business which continues to create value for all its stakeholders.”


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