REEVIVE Hope for Cancer Patients at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

online crowdfunding platform raises funds for treatment of underprivileged cancer patients

Cancer is rampant in our country today – an estimated 2.5 million people are living with the disease and every year, over 7 lakh people are registered as new cancer patients in the country. Cancer-related deaths amount to over 5 lakhs as of 2013 national survey. Unfortunately, with Cancer, patients are often diagnosed at a very late stage, leaving them with little hope.

The word and the disease itself ‘Cancer’ causes severe emotional and financial stress.

REEVIVE aims to overcome this burden; it is this pressure of these finances that leads many to discontinue their treatments, adversely accelerating the worsening of their condition. Cancer being such a cost-intensive affair spread over an extended period can prove to be unaffordable for most of them.

But with increased awareness, timely diagnosis, and correct treatment; each Cancer patient can ‘hope’ to strive and survive. To provide this very ‘hope’ to every Cancer Fighter is the mission of REEVIVE.

REEVIVE is a unique crowdfunding online platform ( which aims at aiding (funding and facilitating) the medical treatment of cancer patients who need monetary assistance as well as guidance. REEVIVE is a Cancer Charity Trust (CCT) initiative, which has assisted over 500 Cancer Patients over …

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