Researchers at Anant National University innovate pain relief jackets and kneecaps for elderly

The kneecap’s pore-like structure allows continuous airflow around the knees, thus preventing sweating, a key USP of the product

Students of Anant National University, under the mentorship and guidance of their professors, have created unique pain relief jackets and kneecaps for the elderly. The creation of these products has happened post studying the need for such innovations among people.


Aliasgar Chunawal, currently pursuing his M.Des from Anant National University said, “The rise in pain cases across all age groups and professions has inspired us in creating the product. To make their lives easier and more comfortable, we designed the product in such a way that everyone can use it according to their work schedules and methods.”

Adding to this another student, Varshin Vala, pursuing M.Des, Anant National University said, “The jacket is an advantage for any individual, working or resting, as the body does not experience pain due to the jacket’s effect. The product is replete with features, comfortably shaped and ergonomically designed keeping different body types in mind. It is easy to work wearing this jacket and does not disturb the body or the activity one is performing.”

The students have created the Pain Relief Jacket under the mentorship of Professor Parth Raval, Assistant Professor, Anant National University. While sharing his thoughts, Raval said, “Human-centred design always helps to find out hidden problems those users are also not aware of. This jacket proves the true approach of Human Centred and User Centric Design. It provides better padding and support to the user while working. It also enhances the body posture of the user. With the help of technological innovations, this pain relief jacket will be a true companion during incessant working hours.”

The kneecap’s pore-like structure allows continuous airflow around the knees, thus preventing sweating, a key USP of the product. The kneecap uses stretchable elastic material between the quadriceps muscles of the upper thigh and the tibialis anterior muscle of the lower part of the leg. It comprises magnetic acupressure objects placed evenly around the kneecap, which provides constant relief to the knees while working.

The kneecap follows a sandwiched pattern of stitching. The upper and lower layer, made of cotton cloth, absorbs the sweat, and the middle layer comprises form giving the product a soft texture.

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