Robotic Rehabilitation Center Opens in Hyderabad

New Life Rehab Hospital first-of-its-kind premier center for robotic rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is one and only most important phases of recovery for many stroke survivors. Keeping this in mind a new center at Hyderabad is offering robotic rehabilitation for Neuro, Ortho and Geriatric patients. The New Life Rehab Hospital, located in Banjara Hills, is a branch of Chaderghat-based New Life Multispecialty Hospital.

Managing director, Dr Mohammed Masood Ali Khan, said that the hospital will provide neurological rehabilitation, stroke rehab and geriatric rehabilitation. “Our vision is to enable our patients to accomplish maximum level of fulfillment and to deliver the highest standard of nursing & rehabilitation to our patients with a human touch and state-of-the-art technologies and robotics,” he said.

“We use robotic devices that are attached to the patient, helping him move their limbs in a natural manner. Physical therapy is complemented by patient training, education, and support groups to maximize the treatment’s effectiveness,” he said.

The center will provide Intensive Rehabilitation Facility, Intensive In-Patient Program, Post-Acute Care, Geriatric Care and Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Facilities.

Robots are reliable and can provide controlled movements, which makes them ideal instruments to help neurologists and therapists address the challenges facing neurorehabilitation.
Rehabilitation robots use sensors that record the movement data such as the position, velocity, and force/torque of joints. They are designed to make the compensations of physical capabilities of patients.

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