RSSDI launches DiaHelp – India’s first toll free diabetes helpline

Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) today announced the launch of DiaHELP; a toll free diabetes helpline service to aid millions of diabetes patients and their caregivers to get education related to managing this chronic disease effectively. The helpline has been launched on the occasion of “World Diabetes Day” by RSSDI will be managed by Lifeincontrol, a first of its kind digital diabetes management platform. The helpline will also provide a special service for women who are at high risk of Gestational Diabetes and will educate them on condition and its management. Patients and their families can dial into toll free number 180030022935 for any information and queries on the disease.

On this occasion, LifeinControl, also  announced the launch of its first Companion app to empower caretakers in patient families to gain complete information on the disease and learn how to best manage it for their loved ones. The app will enable caretakers to understand the patient care plan and why it needs to be followed. It will also help them keep a constant check on the medication and diet, thus helping them to motivate the patients in turn and participate actively in the disease management of their loved one.


Talking on this occasion, Dr Brij Mohan Makkar, National Secretary of RRSDI said, “We are very happy to launch our DiaHelp service which will enable and educate the population on the various aspects to manage diabetes. We believe this is an important step to help 70 million diabetic patients by enabling 24/7 toll free helpline service which will help them take better care of themselves. We are happy to partner with LifeinControl who is working closely with us to manage this service. As the theme for this year is “diabetes and women” I would also like to appeal to all women power of India to help us fight the menace of diabetes. They should actively manage their lifestyles and also use their power to manage the lifestyle of their entire family.”

With the country having the highest number of diabetic patients in the world, Kartikeya Joshi, Chief Business Officer, LifeinControl said, “ RSSDI is taking important strides to help empower patients and caregivers with more and more information about this chronic disease. I believe this helpline, is one more such step towards investing in knowledge sharing that can be critical when it comes to disease management, and can also be the different between managing or suffering from diabetes. We are proud to partner with them, and are confident about the value we can add to each patient’s life with this initiative.”

Sharing details about their new companion app, Joshi said, “By and large the family structures we have seen in India, have women at the center taking important nutritional and lifestyle decisions, and can very well be viewed as the Chief health Officers of their family. We have a self-management app, but with companion app we would be enabling the CHO of the family with an app that would help them to actively manage the disease condition of their loved ones.”

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