Ruby Hall Clinic installs Bi-Plane Cath Lab

It is specially designed for complex interventional procedures

Ruby Hall Clinic, leading healthcare institution in Pune, has announced the arrival and launch of a new, advanced medical imaging device known as the Bi-Plane Cath Lab. 

The first of its kind in Pune, the equipment is likely to bring a whole new level of care in the diagnosis and interventional procedures in neuropathy, oncology, vascular pathologies and associated areas. The Cath Lab will be used where complex intervention is required, while at the same time, patients prefer minimally invasive treatment. Additionally, it emits ‘ultra-low’ levels of radiation and provides exceptional, multi-dimensional imaging, helping both the doctor and patient at the same time.

“Stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and dementia, the most common serious neurological conditions prevalent in India, cause almost 900,000 deaths annually. Many of the underlying sub-types of the conditions, as well as their overall mortality rates, are on the rise,” said Lomesh Bhirud, Neurologist & Neuro-Interventionist, Ruby Hall Clinic.

“The new facility with technologies like Emboguide, XerCT and Aneurysm Flow is of great help to perform interventions for patients with great accuracy. The influx of cutting-edge technology in this area of medicine is thus imperative,” added Dr Yadav Munde, Vascular & Interventional radiologist at the hospital.

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