SARVA partners with PharmEasy

The two brands aim to encourage people to integrate yoga into their daily lives through the initiative

SARVA, India’s yoga-based healthcare ecosystem, has partnered with PharmEasy, to build an all-encompassing healthcare and wellness approach for their customers. 


The brands are coming together during PharmEasy’s ‘Week of Wellness’ initiative to drive adoption of affordable healthcare in India and give PharmEasy customers the essence of Yoga through SARVA’s meticulously coached and highly experienced trainers from the birthplace of Yoga (Rishikesh). 

PharmEasy will be offering discounts on medicines, diagnostic tests and healthcare services. With this initiative, PharmEasy aims to focus on yoga in perfect unison with conventional medicine and alternative therapies combined to make a powerful combination to aid recovery for the end-user. 

SARVA’s focus will be on ensuring the management of ailments like diabetes through therapy based Yoga. SARVA will be guiding users to transform their lifestyles to aid with their aliment recovery. The FREE 3- month offering will cover more than 200+ Yoga courses, 250+ meditation courses, 25+ yoga forms, across 3 different intensities (Low, medium and high), along with beginner-friendly routines for all. 

Speaking about this, Sarvesh Shashi, Founder, SARVA, said, “We aim to make everyone realise that while medicines serve as a necessary cure, yoga and mindfulness are preventive techniques which can help them by aiding their recovery and avoid further ailments in the future.”

Regarding the initiatives, Saumil Parekh, VP Marketing at PharmEasy, said, “People with diabetes are our largest user base, and there couldn’t have been a better opportunity to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle than through our initiatives like our partnership with SARVA as a part of the Week of Wellness initiative.”

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