Shivinder Mohan Singh Breaks His Silence

Talks about legal and financial issues surrounding Fortis

Former Ranbaxy promoter and founder of Fortis Healthcare, Shivinder Mohan Singh breaks his silence on legal and financial issues surrounding their joint companies. “For two decades now, Malvinder and I Shivinder Mohan Singh have been synonymous with one another.  Though the fact is, I have all along been the publicly supportive younger brother to Malvinder’s Chairmanship of the group, who took decisions on behalf of the family,” says Shivinder.

In a heartfelt release that comes after Shivinder dragged elder brother Malvinder to NCLT, Shivinder shares the reason for doing so. ” I have filed a case against Malvinder and Sunil Godhwani in the NCLT for oppression and mismanagement of RHC Holding, Religare and Fortis. This action was long overdue but got delayed in the fond hope that better sense shall eventually prevail and another ugly chapter of family feud would not be written in our family business’ glorious history,” he said.

“The collective, ongoing, actions of Malvinder and Sunil Godhwani led to a systematic undermining of the interests of the companies and their shareholders mentioned above as also the committed and loyal employees of the group,” he added.

Talking about Fortis Shivinder said, “My focus and passion has always and solely …

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