SRAM & MRAM Group strengthens PPE manufacturing and distribution in India

To address the sudden surge in COVID-19 cases

SRAM & MRAM Group, a UK-based conglomerate that has been instrumental in fighting the pandemic, has ramped up its PPE manufacturing and distribution in India to address the sudden surge in covid cases. Earlier in the year 2021, SRAM & MRAM Group invested to the tune of Rs 100 Crores in the Indian market for Oxygen concentrators and Nitrile Gloves and other health equipment.


In its endeavour to help the world with upgrading safety measures, the company has invested heavily in manufacturing the PPE products under its flagship brand ‘Walletz4u’. Under the Walletz4u flagship, a brand owned by SRAM & MRAM Group, the brand has become a global leader in the manufacturing of ‘Medical Protection Supply’ products for consumers all across the globe.

Speaking on the development, Anamika Chhawal, Head of Strategic Alliances at SRAM & MRAM Group, India division, operating out of Mumbai quoted, “SRAM & MRAM group has been instrumental in bringing in world-class health gear with global standards. With the sudden spike in the rising number of COVID cases and Omicron variant playing spoilsport, the Nitrile Gloves Market is witnessing an unprecedented demand. To aid and to gear itself to tackle the problem of PPE Shortage the group is scaling up its production.”

Under the “Walletz4u” flagship, the brand enjoys the biggest market share in the Nitrile Gloves market across the globe. With agreements and alliances with the leading manufacturers, Walletz4u is now one of the largest glove manufacturers and resellers in the ASEAN and the world markets as well.


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