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SRL Diagnostics hosts ‘International Gynecologic & Breast Cancer Symposium 2022’

Discussions were held on innovations in breast and gynaecological cancer management

SRL Diagnostics hosted an International Symposium on Gynecologic & Breast Cancer, featuring speakers from Cleveland Clinic. The interactive session brought together physicians, practitioners, and clinicians to gain insights on innovations in breast and gynaecological cancer management from national and international subject matter experts.


Speaking on the conference, Anand K, Chief Executive Officer, SRL Diagnostics said “Despite cervical and breast cancer being entirely preventable through timely detection of precancerous lesions, there exist geospatial variations in cancer screening across districts in India. At SRL Diagnostics, our team of experts are undertaking some of the most nuanced cancer diagnosis workups each day and we are committed to ushering in the best in onco-diagnostics.”

Dr Stephen Grobmyer, Institute Chair, Breast Surgical Oncology Institute, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi said, “Cancers today are increasingly seen as diseases of the genome. The characterisation of genetic and protein abnormalities within cancer now often determines how cancers are diagnosed and treated. Access to the latest approaches to tumour diagnosis and characterisation can have a major impact on how patients are treated and the impact of treatments on patient outcomes.”

Some of the topics that were discussed are new approaches to surgical management of breast cancer, evolving landscape of uterine and cervical cancer management, PD-L1 testing in gynaecological neoplasms etc.

The session had speakers including Dr Stephen Grobmyer, Institute Chair, Breast Surgical; Dr Stephanie Ricci, Staff Physician, Gynecologic Oncology, Oncology Institute from Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi and Deepika Gandhi, the India Representative of Cleveland Clinic. Speakers from Fortis Memorial Research Institute include Dr AK Anand, Senior Director & Department Head, Radiation Oncology; Dr Ankur Bahl, Senior Director, Medical Oncology & Hematology; Dr Rama Joshi, Principal Director & HOD, Gynae Oncology & Robotic Surgery and Dr Vedant Kabra, Principal Director, Department of Surgical Oncology. Speakers from SRL Diagnostics include Dr Kunal Sharma, Associate Director, Histopathology & COE, Dr Priti Jain, Principal Histopathologist and Dr Rekha Singh, Chief Histopathologist.


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