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Stryker launches T7 personal protection system

T7 and T7plus create a personal protection system that will help to keep one comfortable during surgical procedures

Stryker, a leading medical technology company, announced the launch of T7, its next-generation personal protection system. T7 and T7plus create a personal protection system that’s tailored to each user, keeping them cool and comfortable without sacrificing protection during surgical procedures.


“We listened and worked closely with our customers to design a personal protection system that addresses their needs,” said Robbie Robinson, Vice President and General Manager, Stryker’s Orthopaedic Instruments business. “Stryker has a long history of innovation in the personal protection space and we build upon that legacy with T7 and T7plus. We’re excited about the new features and to provide a new solution to our customers.”

The new T7 helmet is Stryker’s lightest and quietest helmet. New features include a noise reduction of 40 per cent compared to the previous model. 

Other key features of the T7 helmet include:

  • Comfort: EVA foam conforms to the users’ head with a lighter frame and cooler fit. Better balance and ergonomics keep T7 comfortable and secure 
  • Adjust fit: Dual adjustment knob allows users to precisely control height and width. Improved centre of gravity is intended to take the strain off the users’ necks 
  • Extended battery life: Pause button allows users to control the fan and streamline the donning and doffing workflow, save battery life and maintain sterility in the field

Within the T7 protection system is T7plus, a new line of surgical hoods and togas. New, breathable material allows users to remain cool while providing industry-leading AAMI level 4 protection that helps safeguard against viral penetration, exposure to infectious bodily fluids and transfer of microorganisms or particulate matter.

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