Study says Burden of Hereditary Cancer is 3-times Higher in India

Strand Life Sciences, Bangalore based genetic diagnostics company released the findings of their extensive retrospective research analysis conducted on Breast and Ovarian Cancer (BOC) patients in India, also published in the Journal of Human Genetics – a Nature group publication.

Primary findings of the cases of Breast & Ovarian Cancer Patients from India, indicates that prevalence of BRCA  gene mutations in the Indian population is at least three times higher than in the western world. “When the BRCA gene was initially identified in the 1990s as the reason for breast and ovarian cancer incidence by Dr. Mary-Claire King, a pioneer in Genomics, it wasn’t considered as a major threat worldwide. However, when data over the years on prevalence of Breast Cancer was collated, the BRCA gene mutations were found to be a key cause of cancer incidence across the globe. Keeping in mind the importance of population data for a non-communicable disease such as cancer, and its tremendous impact on healthcare, we have extended our preliminary study to include several hundred patients now, in order to obtain a comprehensive genetic profile of breast and ovarian cases in India”, said Dr. Sudhir Borgonha, Chief Medical Officer, Strand Life Sciences.

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