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Tata Medical Center Kolkata partners with CMS IT Services

Dedicated crisis response team and centralised service desk will assist the medical frontline

Tata Medical Center, Kolkata (TMC) empowered its medical staff to provide 24/7 care to its patients through crises including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by leveraging the personalised, ultra-responsive information technology support systems and services provided by CMS IT Services.


Appreciating the services, Arnab Neogy, Head of IT, TMC says, “We can’t pause the war against cancer even for a pandemic. To be able to focus all our efforts and resources on patient care, our medical and IT devices must be stable, functional, and highly available. Whether it’s for communication, accessing accurate and complete patient information, or diagnostics; a modern healthcare facility like ours is heavily dependent on

technology. A downtime even for a minute can bring the entire hospital to a standstill. CMS IT Services ensures that our systems, networks, and devices are in peak operating health. They serve as our partners in delivering exemplary patient care even while the entire

country is in lockdown. Their ability to personalise their services to our context, deliver necessary outcomes, and working as part of our extended team has made a tremendous difference.”

“Reliable and resilient support – from managing day-to-day needs to handling tech emergencies – is a key factor in a hospital’s ability to function. Network and server support play the most important role here. For TMC’s uninterrupted operations, our team ensures all critical devices are in high availability mode,” affirms Anuj Vaid, EVP CMS IT Services.

The importance of the new service desk lies in the fact that it is the hub of all the IT-dependent systems and the primary interface between IT and the healthcare staff. Each interaction is an opportunity to improve the productivity of the people using them and – by extension – the patient experience.

“In high-pressure organisations, it’s not unusual for users to become stressed when systems fail. With every call, we aim to transform the help desk into a strong positive force supporting the daily work of doctors, nurses and other users. Our team members often work late into the night to fix problems and develop innovative point solutions to help the medical frontline continue to be effective and productive during extremely difficult times. Our delivery organisation continues to push boundaries to elevate the customer experience every day,” explains Anurag Mehrotra, CEO, CMS IT Services.

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