Telengana to Partner with World Economic Forum to Seek Investors in Pharma and Allied Sectors

Telangana : The state government of Telangana is partnering with the World Economic Forum to attract more investors in the field of pharma and allied sectors in the state.

While taking part in a webinar organized by WEF, the IT and Industries minister of Telangana K Taraka Rama Rao said that the pharma and the life sciences sectors based out of Hyderabad have already proved its mettle. However, post COVID-19 pandemic, the scenario will be totally different and the pharma and biotechnology companies based out of Hyderabad are going to reap the fruits if they can attract the global investors by capturing the opportunities created out of this global healthcare crisis.


Referring to how the information technology sector had gained its boost two decades ago in Hyderabad, in the same way the state government is planning to make the pharma and life sciences sectors also see a similar growth boost by utilizing the opportunities available globally for the pharma and biotechnology sectors to grow on a big scale.

“I am hoping that post COVID-19, the pharma and life sciences sectors based out of Hyderabad will have humongous opportunities to explore globally and bring out innovative and effective healthcare solutions to resolve not only the contemporary issues but also problems that may arise in the future for the mankind. We are preparing all the necessary plans to seize the future opportunities in the field of pharma and biotechnology sectors. We are also partnering with the WEF on various programmes and the current crises provided more opportunities for collaborations,” stated IT minister K Taraka Rama Rao.

Pointing out the recent developments wherein Hyderabad based Apollo Hospitals had partnered with the WEF to launch a programme like ‘Medicines from the Sky’, wherein they are supplying medicines using drones in cases of emergencies. The IT minister pointed out that very soon Hyderabad will see that top global pharma and biotechnology companies will set up their bases in Hyderabad and very soon Hyderabad is going to become a global hub for bulk drug and vaccine manufacturing in the world.

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