Terumo Medical Corporation introduces AZUR Vascular Plug

The newest addition is indicated for use to reduce or block the rate of blood flow in arteries of the peripheral vasculature

Terumo Medical Corporation (TMC) has introduced AZUR Vascular Plug, the first and only plug compatible with a microcatheter to occlude arteries up to 8 mm in diameter. The newest addition to Terumo’s robust embolisation portfolio is indicated for use to reduce or block the rate of blood flow in arteries of the peripheral vasculature.


“The AZUR Vascular Plug represents a balance of properties – stability, accuracy, and reliable occlusion. This technology has unique advantages that truly make it a market first in embolotherapy, in line with Terumo’s ongoing efforts to deliver improved clinical outcomes and economic benefits,” said Chris Pearson, Executive VP, Commercial Operations, Terumo Interventional Systems.

The AZUR Vascular Plug comes in sizes to treat arterial anatomy ranging from 2.5mm to 8mm, with a short deployment length for increased precision. Features include a conformable nitinol braid that stays in place, even in tortuous anatomy. It also comes with a polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) inner composite membrane to facilitate mechanical occlusion. Another key element in the Plug’s design is its advanced, predictable detachment mechanism that allows for immediate and reliable deployment with the push of a button. Consistent with Terumo’s existing Azur coil portfolio, this state-of-the-art detachment mechanism can allow for a full ability to reposition, while making the process much smoother than traditional twist-off detachment mechanisms. 

The launch of AZUR Vascular Plug is complemented by the introduction of the PG Pro Peripheral Microcatheter, which is indicated for the peripheral vasculature for the infusion of diagnostic and therapeutic agents. The PG Pro Microcatheter is designed specifically to deliver all three sizes of the Azur Vascular Plug. It comes in radial lengths up to 165 centimetres and a 1200 PSI rating for clearer fluoroscopic imaging. Both are currently only available in the US.

“Together, these next-generation technologies allow physicians to treat larger, more difficult vessels through smaller delivery options. It is yet another way Terumo is providing the opportunity for operators to take advantage of the benefits of radial access for increasingly complex procedures while enhancing therapeutic options in the peripheral vasculature with a microvascular plug. It is a welcome addition to our innovative, best-in-class portfolio,” added Michael Martinelli, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Terumo Medical Corporation. 

The device should only be used by physicians who have undergone training in the use of the Azur system for embolisation procedures as described by a representative from Terumo or a Terumo-authorised distributor. This device is intended for single use only. 

The microcatheter should only be used by physicians who have received appropriate training in interventional techniques. The microcatheter is provided sterile and non-pyrogenic. 

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