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The Dimensions Of Medical Tourism – Meeting Health Needs


Lack of adequate facilities can make you question why you are adjusting with mediocre conditions and further look for alternatives. Thus arises the concept of medical travel, a basic idea which takes people to another country or destination, where they can avail adequate medical treatment.

Such is the story of one in millions of people in underdeveloped and developing countries. Lack of proper healthcare facilities and providers either force them to suffer the grunt of a disease, or to shift their treatment to another country, where they at least hold the hope of recovering from their health condition. The phenomenon is largely predominant in nations like Africa, where the ratio of diseases, to the available healthcare options is drastically imbalanced. The concept is not new to developed countries either, where people often look for other medical destinations, where the treatment offered is better than their home country.


Thus, people expect to avail medical treatment in another country, which is equipped with advanced resources and treatment methodologies. The same can be witnessed in the case of Africa, where people are increasingly preferring India as their medical destination. It is clear from this pattern that people are highly expectant when it comes to medical facilities in their country but the lack of which, may also drive them to another popular destination, if that means better treatment options for them.

Since people in countries like Africa and the GCC, find it hard to avail adequate & quality treatment resources at an affordable price range, people, thus, are forced to explore other options for their medical needs. People expect medical travel to be a source of availing best treatment services so that they can be diagnosed and treated at the earliest, in a professional and efficient manner.

Given that, India has been rated as one of the top global healthcare destinations around the world, it is quite generic to witness the growing attraction of the world population to the country, when it comes to healthcare services. This is most likely, a fast booming sector for the country and as well as for the healthcare providers who seek to thrive and expand their scope of services. With the growing demand for Indian healthcare facilities, it is time for medical value travel facilitators to push their operations in a fast track mode and make the most of this developing economy, not only in terms of revenue but also from the standpoint of overall experience.

What can aid the success of the Medical Tourism Industry, is an equal and warranted support from the government, in terms of its policies and contribution towards the medical sector. Playing its share of role in this scenario is Medtravels, a leading healthcare web platform, which envisions bridging the gap between healthcare providers and healthcare seekers. With a growing network of franchise partners, Medtravels is expanding its reach to every nook and corner of the globe to ensure that it stands by its objective of providing “Healthcare Beyond Boundaries”.

In a short span of time, Medtravels has evolved by leaps and bounds, including a vast array of local PHC’s in foreign countries, organising OPD’s and Surgical Camps, not only in India but also in other countries. It would be rightful to say that Medtravels has achieved a level of growth, which is far from being expected but which also marks the extent to which the Indian medical tourism industry has advanced. In the manner that it continues to bring more and more participants under its network, the day is not far ahead when Indian will be booming in the name of a leading healthcare destination, popular for its seamless array of services.

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