The Knee Clinic opens robotic knee replacement centre in Mumbai

The centre aims at heralding a new era for knee replacement surgery by providing the latest evidence-based and scientifically proven treatment

Mumbai’s first robotic knee replacement centre was recently launched by The Knee Clinic (TKC). Present at the launch Kishori Pednekar, Mayor of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, Karnam Malleswari, India’s first Olympic medallist in weightlifting amongst many others. The NAVIO-CORI robotics platform is one of the foremost healthcare innovations of this decade, heralding a new era for knee replacement surgery.  


Dr Miten Sheth, (Orthopaedics) Knee Surgeon, said, “Traditionally, knee replacement surgery has always depended either on the surgeon’s judgement or a computer for planning. Robotic knee replacements are set to change the paradigm by offering robotics assistance for both planning and execution of the surgery.”

Dr Sheth further added, “TKC Foundation has helped a good many people with subsidised knee surgery and coordinated with local clubs and organizations across the country (including Women in Sports – WINS, Kolkata, and the Mumbai Dabbawala Association for education towards sports injury prevention and orthopaedic consultation for retirees.

Pednekar said, “I am delighted to be a part of such an initiative and witness innovative advancements in the healthcare space. For a dynamic country like ours, it is imperative for such technological advancements and growth. I wish the team of Knee Clinic the very best and hope they serve as many people as they can in our country.”  

Malleswari said, “We can aim at an enhanced reach with the right collaborations with non-profit organisations and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes, educating athletes about injury prevention and treatment. Let us work together to improve healthcare reach to the Indian sporting ecosystem with technology and let the best treatment transcend social and economic barriers.”  


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