Thumb route technology enables heart treatment with same-day hospital discharge

Bengaluru: 28/09/2020

A leading cardiologist has shown success in performing angioplasty through the thumb, enabling patients to go back home the same day of hospitalization.


The report was announced by Dr. Srinivasa Prasad BV, Senior Interventional Cardiologist working as a Consultant at Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru, on the occasion of  World heart Day 2020, which is observed worldwide on 29th September.

Dr. Prasad informs that “The procedure of angiography or angioplasty remains the same but when it is performed through the thumb artery, it is referred to as a “snuff box approach” or “distal radial angiography” medically. The benefit of choosing this route over the traditional approach is, it is less time consuming and patient-friendly”

He tells that “Advantages over the traditional approach include faster recovery, negligible bleeding, and Zero percent chance of blood transfusion. Also, another distinct advantage is uninjuredradial artery would be available for bypass graft, for those patients who need bypass surgery.”

Dr. Prasad says that “With shorter haemostasis and faster recovery, patients can be discharged on the same day after an elective angioplasty (stenting). This is of major help to most of the patients, particularly in this COVID times, for reason – shorter hospital stay means a lesser chance of acquiring COVID through unsuspected people around.”

He says “Fear of hospital-related risk of corona infection has been noted as an important reason for patients delaying timely- treatment for heart attack.  We have noticed a 30 – 40 percent decline in hospital admission of heart attack patients. Delayed treatment can generate important complications in the long run as well, as the heart loses strength and the ability to contract itself, which can bring damage and death.”

On World heart day 2020, The World Federation states that ” If you have an underlying health condition, such as heart disease, heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity, don’t let COVID-19 stop you attending your regular check-ups. And never avoid calling the emergency services if you need to – it’s safe and medical professionals are there for you.”

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